Bitcoin as an Investment

One of the most Googled questions in 2017 was “What is Bitcoin” and that in itself tells us the magnitude of the blockchain based cryptocurrency. Today, if you go up to a random person walking on the roads and ask him what he knows about Bitcoin, he’ll probably have an elaborate advice for you, depending upon how much money he has made or lost in Bitcoin.

Those who have a vision of a fully distributed future, in which the absence of a centralized supervisor becomes the key to the value of an asset, will tell you that yes, the Bitcoin is ready to become even more valuable in the time to come. Others who attach great value to the traditional trust provided by banks and government agencies are likely to discourage you from bitcoins as an investment.

Furthermore, an underpinning concept behind Bitcoin is that there will only ever be 21,000,000 tokens, meaning that it may stay consistently valuable or increase in value relative to other types of currency which can be printed endlessly. Other reasons that the asset seems like a good investment include its growing popularity, network effects, security, immutability and status as the first ever in a growing world of digital currencies.If it does become a long-term trusted store of value, BTC should trade around $2,000,000 a coin (depending on how many coins are lost and are actually in circulation).

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