Which trading platforms/exchanges are currently supported by Tychelab ?

We support most of the leading exchanges available in this space. It all depends on the demand volume from the client’s side. If we get requests to provide automated trading services for a particular exchange we’ll certainly include it in our systems.

Currently we support automated trading for Bitmex & ByBit.

For Signals trading you can trade on any exchange but our reference will Bitmex so you can adjust your exchange delta price accordingly.

How to subscribe and get onboard a Tychelab plan ?

Once you pay for the plan of your choice, you’ll be added to the ELITE group where you’ll receive instructions to get on the TRADING PLATFORM and will start enjoying automated trades thereafter.

For Signals group you just need to pay the fees and you’ll be added to the Signals Group.

How many Regular Swing Trades & Scalp trades/sessions one should expect in a week (for Signals group) ?

Although the number of signals depend on market conditions but on an average expect 3-5 swing trades and 7-10 scalp trades per week in Signals group. Obviously numbers can go up and down, that’s why you get the 3 months plan to average out the number of trades. We highly recommend to first get the vibe of trades we do on the free channel then go for the Signals group.

What size of portfolio is recommended for Signals Group?

We recommend at least a 0.2 btc portfolio to join and benefit from the signals group.

Can I continue doing manual trades from my side also in the Elite/Elite plus/Platinum plan?

NO. The account associated with our API trading should not have any other trades than what we intend. However you can trade on a different personal account that has nothing to do with TycheLAB.

When does profit sharing kick-in (only for Elite/Elite plus plan) ?

Profit sharing kicks-in after your account has gone past the overall money you’ve invested (the starting amount of the account + fees you’ve paid). For example, for a 1.25 BTC account profit sharing will kick in at 1.45 BTC (after he has earned back the 0.2 BTC fees)

What returns can I expect ?

Our main focus is to deliver consistent results to our clients. Although, returns are very much dependent on the market volatility & plan you opt for, we’re pretty sure that you’ll have a great ROI. For a rough idea, you can always refer to our results sheet.

Which plan is best for me if I want to test out Tychelab’s services ?

It depends on what you want to test. If you want to test the success rate of our signals, you can opt for a cheaper plan and after witnessing the results, take it from there. Or If you have gone through our past results sheets and are confident enough, you can go in with whatever suits your portfolio.

How secure is API trading ?

We’ve always strived hard to make our systems secure so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about your funds. Your keys are stored in a safe and encrypted format that would prevent any malicious activity. Even the traders at our trader’s desk don’t have direct access to your keys. Also the withdrawals are always locked, so you can completely rest assured.

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